Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God Still Loves Me...

While I do know that Heavenly Father still loves me, as He does all His children, I am actually using the heading to base a very long standing argument which gay people (specifically out-gay inactive members of the church) seem to state:

"I know that God still loves me..."

Often said in an argumentative manner or a means to gain sympathy after they've expressed how their church has abandoned them (rather than, interestingly enough, the person abandoning the church...)

This statement always bugs me... And it doesn't bother me because I believe that God doesn't love an out-gay person. Its the idea that the Gospel or the First Presidency has ever stated contrary to this statement.

OF COURSE, Heavenly Father still loves you! He loves you no matter what you do.

If you had a puppy chew on your favorite shoe, would you be upset with him? Sure. Would you maybe be frustrated? A little. Would you hate him forever? Certainly not. I've never been able to stay mad at a pet of mine for very long. However, that doesn't mean you approve of the action of chewing on the shoe.

I believe that Heavenly Father works the same way.

He will always love His children. Gay. Straight. Black. White. Brown. Tanned. Purple. Pink. Member. Nonmember. Inactive... However, that doesn't mean he approves of all of our actions.

I know Heavenly Father loves me. I know he approves of my love for helping my family, providing service to people, and doing things like submitting names to the Temple. However, that doesn't mean that He likes everything I do. Does he enjoy when I get mad at someone? Or if I chose to drink just a little alcohol... or watch an R-rated movie... or something pornographic on the computer...??? Of course not. But He doesn't stop loving us either.

When I hear former members of the church bash our leaders, those of whom at one time they followed, it makes me upset when they say "I still know God Loves me... no matter what anyone says!" because the church has never said same-gender attracted people could not be members. They merely stated that certain behaviors be dealt with in a gospel-centered way. The church never stated that same-gender attracted members were not welcome in church meetings or at BYU or working for the church or as a missionary. . . We're just like all other members of the church, and, like all members of God's spirit family.

However, just because we are always recipients of God's love, doesn't mean He approves of all the things we do. Whether gay, straight, black, white, brown... etc.

Just a couple pennies' worth of my thoughts. Anyone else agree? disagree?


Felicity said...

Agree. I get frustrated by people who use this argument to explain WHY they're leaving the Church, or doing something wrong. It doesn't matter what they do, because in the long run, God still loves them. Yeah, its true, but if you KNOW the whole truth of the Gospel...Perhaps you should be reaching for a little more.

alea said...

I think this article sort of explains the frustration being leveled by the people who say "god still loves me". To wit, the idea that there are different "levels" of love and that God's love is not unconditional.

Also, the Church as a whole, may not have ostracized gay members (a questionable claim, for sure), but a lot of gay members do feel like that in their local congregations. So, I think the statement is used to suggest that the way same-gender attracted members are handled and the way Heavenly Father would do it are quite different.

Post-It Boy said...

I know that God's love is always going to be there for His children. It is sad to me that so many choose to leave the church. But, I suppose that happens and cannot be helped. Its just a little sad that they use God's love almost as an excuse sometimes.