Thursday, September 25, 2014

Your Haircolor is a Sin!

Imagine being told everyday that someone of your hair color is likely going to be despised by society. From the time your haircolor is first noticeable, you’re an outcast.

Trying to do what is best, your parents might offer some advice once the signs start showing of your haircolor---You might be able to cover it up with a hat, but its still there underneath and someone might see. You could dye your hair, but its a fa├žade which would have to be maintained all the time. Every couple of weeks you’d need to do touch-ups to cover up your haircolor. You wouldn't really be changing it permanently. You could wear a wig, but its also temporary. If it fell off, you’d reveal your identity and be an outcast.

Then imagine being a confused kid who has a haircolor which makes him or her feel unwelcome. Imagine being teased mercilessly in school for having that haircolor. Being spit on, kicked, beaten up, bullied. Have you ever been bullied for something which you have no control over? Sure. But imagine being worried that your own family would ALSO bully you.

Go to church and imagine being told "Someday, your haircolor will maybe change!" Since young children sometimes are born with a haircolor which they won't have as adults. Haircolor could just be temporary! “It’s just a phase you’ll grow out of.”

Imagine having one haircolor as a child which is acceptable… but then imagine growing older and your hair changes colors to something which isn’t acceptable. Who are your real friends? Will you be abandoned by your family? Kicked out of church? Will you try to cover it up again? You’ve always been that haircolor genetically, but its just revealing itself now!

Would your family reject you if they knew about your haircolor? Will your mom find empty boxes of hair dye in the garbage can while cleaning your room after you’ve secretly experimented with changing your appearance so you can fit it?

Maybe you would seek help on the internet since your pastor, teachers and friends wouldn’t understand you. Maybe look online to try to find permanent changes to your haircolor. Experimental laser treatments, shaving one’s head, hair extensions, prayer that your haircolor would change and you’d be normal, etc. ANYTHING to cover up your shameful haircolor.

As a teenager, you might feel excluded not just because people are unkind… but because you don’t know who really loves you.

Maybe you’re in college one day after successfully hiding your true hair color for many years. Then you turn on the TV and find out that people with your hair color have had hate-crimes done against them. People you might know are hospitalized, killed, or attacked outside a nightclub. You wouldn’t feel safe.

You wouldn’t know who loves you for your true self because you’ve had to cover up your haircolor your whole life.

You’d feel shame over yourself. Might even eventually think to kill yourself? Or maybe seek out the company of others whose hair is like yours? Who are open about their haircolor and fight against people who say “That shade is wrong!” “That shade will send you to hell!” or “That haircolor is against the bible!”

Wouldn’t that be awful to have to hide yourself? Cover up your identity? Worry about being the target of a hate-crime.

You’ve probably never had to experience any of those kinds of those in life, unless you’re a homosexual.

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