Monday, January 17, 2011


Life sucks right now. I'm completely disappointed in where I am financially, church-wise, etc.

I haven't been super active lately. When I go to church, no one talks to me. Literally, I have been there all day without so much as a Hello. I sit alone. I don't see much point in going.

I didn't get the job I wanted with the church. Another strike against me being active.

I am in serious debts without any means to get out of it. I'm behind on all my work and therefore screwed. S-C-R-E-W-E-D.

I actually kind of want to die, disappear, or have a new life.

If my financial situation doesn't improve, I might just move back home and find another job. I'm tired of being poor.


Ned said...

I'm sorry to hear that your life ain't so happy right now. For what it is worth, I can recommend a book on careers, job hunting, job changing, etc. It is What Color is Your Parachute. Most libraries have a copy or two. Heres's what Amazon says about it:
Good luck!

FindingMyWay said...

Hang in there!!

Chantelle said...

Hi, I just found your blog randomly when I was searching something else on google and I find it great. I hope it's ok if I 'follow' you. If not, that's cool, you can remove me or ask me to remove myself! :) (PS. Hang in there, things will always get better!) :)