Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So today I'm frustrated.

1) Tired of being ignored. Again. WHY does no one seem to want to have me around? Who knows.

2) Not sure if I'm going to the Evergreen Conference. Why? Because it hasn't really been helping me. And for Frustration Reason No. 1. Don't want to bug any of the Moho's who ignore me by showing up.

3) I'm financially in the crapper and have been ever since moving downtown.

The silver lining is that I'm searching for other work. Which hopefully will bring in bigger bucks. So we'll see. I am waiting to hear from a job interview which hopefully will help me if its what Heavenly Father wants for me.

Tired of feeling frustrated and ignored.


live honest said...

I agree with you completely.

It is AWFUL to feel ignored and it is FRUSTRATING as heck. I feel for you. I am on your side. Who the pjut needs them anyway??? I say good riddance to bad rubbish- if they want to dis and ignore you, they were NOT worth the trouble in the first place.

I say we dress in black and go take care of a few of them!!! Are you up for that?

Try and have a good evening if you can. Take care!

darkdrearywilderness said...

I can totally sympathize with you.